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How does it work?

Use the management platform to build beautiful itineraries, trip plans, and quotes. Drag and drop fantastic local information in the app like city guides, maps, local restaurants and much more.

Vouchers and flight tickets but any other documents or information can be attached into the travel app. Flights are online updated so even terminal, gates and times are accurate.

Result: travellers have a complete view of their trip on their smartphone or tablet. Any changes you make to their trip before or during the journey are updated automatically.

Optionally, you can opt for a push function from your reservation platform to the app platform: this will ‘push’ your itinerary details to the app platform. The cost for this link depends on the type of content you wish to ‘push’.

Smart travel documents

Full itinerary and destination info on the client’ smartphone


Beautiful on screen and paper

Present the trip via a mobile-friendly link or our unbranded Trip Plans App for iPhone and Android. Export a gorgeous PDF for those clients that love seeing the trip on paper.

The great thing is: it’s 100% offline, so even when travelling in places without a connection, all data is still displayed without using any bandwidth.

Adding content

Just forward any confirmation email to a special email address. We’ll import the relevant information and add it to the itinerary in a beautiful, professional format. Input an airline and flight number and we’ll automatically add rich information like directions to the airport, flight times, and terminals.

Add entire cruises and tours in seconds: Give us a few bits of information and we’ll populate your itinerary with all the ports of call, arrival times, departure times, and areas of interest.


Link accounts together to access a shared content library as well as each others’ itineraries. Admins can keep tabs on all the work being done.

Discuss this and that

Communicate with clients via our app to offer assistance, send updates and push messages