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travel marketplace

We are developing a truly global marketplace where buyers and sellers from within our platform come together to trade travel products and services in a free market environment. It basically means: instead of only offering your products to your existing B2B channels, you can then receive bookings from the sales channels from all Agencies (and their respective B2C websites) within our platform, this will increase your sales-opportunities dramatically.

Our reservation platform takes your business into overdrive, fast quotations, automated calculations and bookings.

Sourcing your Products

A vast selection of land based travel products can be at your fingertips including Hotels, Villas, Apartments, Transfers, Tours and Excursions, Car Hire, Cruises and other rental products. Integrate with bed-banks and wholesalers, all instantly bookable.

Our platform gives users the ability to dynamically package all products in all distribution channels. Users can choose individual travel components or combine and package in any manner.

Buy, Sell and Distribute,

With our Market-Place: your content and products can be made available through multiple channels with just one connection.

Buy individual travel components, fully bundled tours and packages or allow your customers to dynamically package in real-time their own choice of travel products & services. Our marketplace will allow you to to sell to other marketplace traders, and also allows sellers to buy. These are some of the exciting functionalities we’re currently working on.

"Our ONline Sales Doubled in Just 18 months"

– Martina

"Training on premises was really helpful and efficient"

– Ken

"This Platform knows our workflow"

– Sajesh




Fast, professional quality proposals and itineraries. Our platform outputs beautiful documents. All of these can be edited and templates can be used for vouchers and invoices. This is what your clients require, this is what you would want to offer.



As most travel professionals, you spend a lot of time making quotations and offers. Our quote-module offers complex travel quotations with ease and speed. Make offers to your agencies or direct clients, personalise your quotations with details just for that particular client. Our Quotation Builder allows you to make complex offers really simple and ready to be forwarded to the end-client.

Design packages

Designing beautiful and personalized packages is often a time consuming process. With our platform you can create packages in minutes, tracking allocations and generating reports at the touch of a button. The system keeps track of any remaining places. Your B2B partners can book or quote the packages towards their clients if you allow them access.

Flexible pricing

There are multiple ways of pricing your products – Tour Operator rates, discounts, pay & book, commissions and adjustments. Multiple rates can be loaded and allocated to your Agencies. Agent pricing and agent group pricing with commission structures are also available, all multicurrency and multilingual.

Allocations, Free Sale, Close Outs, On Requests and Ad Hoc

Our platform offers Free Sale and Close Out functions. All availabilities, allocations and free sales are visible at the time of booking so you never worry about underbooking or overbooking. You can also add Ad Hoc products in any itinerary and quotation.

Tailormade FIT's trips

You can build complex tailor made itineraries in a quick and ultra-flex way. Design travel quotations in minutes,  adding AdHoc products makes it possible for you to generate complicated trips easily. Supplier requests, DMC requests, client and agent invoices, vouchers and travel manifests are all produced on the fly.


We understand how you can efficiently run your business because we understand the daily challenges you encounter.


Fast quotations for complex itineraries, accurate calculations & great looking documents: this is what we are really good at.

Bookings made simple

When you make a booking for one product or a series of components out of allotment, these are sent to the respective supplier right away as a definite reservation. In case the booking is on request you can have the system send out an email to the supplier with an approval link: when the supplier approves the request, he/she simply clicks the link to confirm the booking. This procedure is easy and fast but, moreover, you will see the approval right away in your system and the component flagged as confirmed! No more manual entry necessary.


CRM is an important part of any business, most of our clients actively work with dedicated CRM software. This is why we are able to offer you seamless integrations with Zoho CRM and OnePage CRM. These integrations enable you to continue working with your favourite platform whilst important data from your reservation system is synced to these platforms.

Manage finance

Our financial module generates all neccessary insight in your balances. You will need to know what you owe, to whom and with what deadline. You will also want to know who owes you. Our platform does not claim to be an accounting system. We leave that to your administrators and their existing financial platform. What our system does provide is all neccessary info to see what money is doing within your reservation program. All financial data can be exported of course.

Travel Promo's

Our platform generates full and flexible travel offers or special offers with or without special departure dates. This is especially helpful in the case of cruises or land-trips during certain periods of the year. Festivals, sporting-events, religious events but also, congresses and meetings.

Agent Access

Agencies, your trade partners, can login and make their bookings easily, relieving stress on your own staff. Agencies can design trips, produce quotations for their end-clients and make reservations. Being an online system, these services are of course 24/7 available from anywhere so there are no time-difference related issues. All documents are branded with agent logos and their details.

Travel App

93% of travelers bring their mobile devices on their trips, it’s crucial for travel companies to connect and engage with their clients during their journey. Our innovative travel app engages customers after booking, during departure and at their destination, focusing on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.