2 Travel Platforms

Both systems can be used by Inbound & Outbound specialists


Control all of your contracts, partners, markups, products, itinerary templates and packages. Add nearly unlimited markup and commission rules. Add multilingual descriptions, multiple price-plans for all products. Multiple Brands and Departments.

The system works both B2B and B2C.


Integrated with the booking engine it completely automates your booking process, right from quote to booking to voucher generation. Automated bookings towards your suppliers.

Quotes & Booking Engine

Easy of use, highly scalable and flexible. Rules can be applied on the fly so as to be able to offer variable pricing. Ad Hoc Suppliers and/or Services can be added for quick quotes.

FIT & Group modules

The system comes with an intuitive FIT design module where you can setup comprehensive tailormade journeys in a matter of minutes. Calculations are done automatically.

The groups modules offer all kinds of group tour constructions.

Copying itineraries & designing Templates

Why inventing the wheel over and over again: Simply copy an existing itinerary, apply the necessary changes and get your quote out in minutes.

Templates are building blocks that consist of multiple travel components over multiple days. Add the building block in an existing itinerary in order to speed-up the design dramatically.

Operations, Finance, Reporting

Transfers, planning, reporting. Finances (Sales invoices, Receipts, Purchase invoices).

Circuit Discounts

This optional module is highly interesting in order to trigger an automated discount for independant suppliers with a rule-based engine, example:

-IF- stay is 2 nights in accommodation A -AND- 2 nights in accomodation B -AND-3 nights in accommodation C -THEN- discount all suppliers with 10%.  The discount can be applied automatically for Cost prices, Sell Prices or both independantly.

When the rule is 'broken' in the itinerary, the system automatically recalculates.

Have a look at a short video here

Historic Rates module

This optional module can be very helpful when you are quoting in the future when certain suppliers do not have submitted contracted rates to you yet. The system then offers you the possibility to use the rates of the year before AND applies an increased markup adjustable by you.

See a short video here

Marketplace module

A unique functionality that increases revenue by adding a 3D dimension to your sales model.

With this functionality you can cross sell to other companies using our platform and you can buy from associated companies as well.

All without having to load content and maintain Rates!

Have a look at a short video here.


We can optionally 'merry' your system to PMS Systems, Bedbanks, Flight Engines, Accounting Packages, CRM Packages. There are possibilities to integrate with Itinerary-presentation platforms like Safari Portal, Wetu and third party Travel Apps (ActiveNav, Guibo, Travefy, Vamoos etc.)


Travel App

Optionally, there is a Travel App available for this platform, branded with your logo and tuned in the colours and fonts of your Corporate Identity. Send it to your travelling clients and all of their details are available to them: Itinerary, pick-up and drop-off times, flights, information of the destinations and much more.


  • Designing trips/travel concepts with accurate calculations in minutes. All data is managed in 1 application. No more Excel files, PDF contracts & rates, manual calculations and writing quotes & offers, vouchers and invoices.
  • System handles FIT’s, Groups, Regular Tours, seat-in Tours, MICE, Cross Border Trips. All products are calculated with multiple currencies and presented in multiple languages. The system is for tour-operators, DMC’s, cruise companies and travel agents.
  • Quoting and sending beautiful personalised offers in seconds. Quote documents can be optionally styled by us to match your Corporate Identity.
  • Re-Quoting, recalculating complicated trips on the fly.
  • Multilingual, multi-currency, multiple taxes. Vouchers, confirmations and final itineraries produced in seconds in any language.
  • All finances in place. Margins/Markup/Commission settings with nearly unlimited possibilities.
  • Operations and reporting at the tip of your fingers.
  • Excellent Service, training and support.
  • The application is cloud-based, available 24/7 from anywhere.

Includes most of the functionalities of the Inbound system

B2C, B2B, B2B2C

Sell any way you like by adding rules for clients, agents, rates, markups and commissions

Extensive CRM functionalities

Knowledge is power! Add client specific information and act upon it by filtering and exporting lists to mass mailing systems.

Lots of client specific details are recorded that can later be used again by our marketing module to reach out to your clients based on triggers and lists you predefine.

Powerful Marketing Module

In combination with the built-in CRM module, the system also offers an extensive Marketing module that enables you to produce filtered lists. You can use our reports based on data in the system in regards to bookings, agents, clients, finance data but also, web-visit activity and more. You can compare data from previous years, and produce lists.

The marketing module can optionally push and pull information to several external mass-mailing systems by sending mailing lists out to these system and pulling resulting data after mailings back in to the platform ready to be worked on by your marketing team.

Webforms and online Client Portal

An elaborate Client Portal is provided for, tuned to match your website's colors and fonts. The Portal enables clients to see their day-by-day itineraries of trips to come, past trips and quotations. Essential information for the traveler is displayed, invoice, balance and various additional text-blocks can be shown to the client. The client portal also has a booking form available linked to quotations; this enables the client to go through a logical booking form that requires client specific information. The Client Portal also shows an online Post-trip questionnaire.

Automated Task Management

The platform offers an elaborate Task Management system where users can upload tasks for themselves but also for other users. The task management system is also linked to automated triggers deploying tasks for certain users; the event-type triggers automatically push a task based on an event or a date. The platform comes with a multitude of automated triggered tasks and additional ones can be programmed as well.

Check-List management

You can design a check-list that will be helpful for your sales consultants and/or your OPS department. Checking and final checking makes your operation waterproof so no workflows are forgotten.

Document management

The platform offers a document management system where predefined documents can be made available automatically to your clients in their Client Portal.

Image management

Images make your quotes and itineraries come to life ! The platform offers a highly functional Image library where you can upload all of your images. The system additionally has an image crop functionality so your images are displayed correctly whilst the original image remains untouched. Images can be categorised in multiple ways so that they are easily found.

Post travel questionnaires

For management, quality control and marketing purposes the system offers Post Travel questionnaires so you know what your clients think of their trips. The Post Travel Questionnaire can be automised to be sent automatically to your clients at a definable date after returning from their trip. The questionnaire will then also be available as an online form on the client portal. The questionnaire is linked to the client-file and the posted answers can be extracted for marketing and statistical purposes.

Email integration

Documenting emails is a breeze: The system sends out and receives emails both to/from your clients and to/from your suppliers via your own mail-domain and links them automatically to the appropriate bookings and in the client file. The system offers an email cabinet linked to clients so all inbound and outbound mails can be reviewed.

Extensive MIS Reporting

Knowledge is power ! There are a large amount of readily available reports in the system ranging from departure manifests to financial information. All reports are viewable and exportable to Excel. You can also design your own reports and cross-reference data of all kinds like finance data, booking data and more. The reporting functions allow you to program data diagrams comparing booking data over predefined years of operation. The possibilities are endless.

Finally if even more options are required, the platform can optionally be linked to external data-management systems.

This Platform can be optionally extended with:

  • Development of a fully platform data-driven, modern and responsive website. Full design of the website is to be delivered by you in PSD files.
  • Integration with CTI (voip telephony)
  • Finance and payment Gateways
  • Integrations with bedbanks, airlines, aggregators, CRM and accounting software.
  • Branded, certified and Company Registered Travel App for clients/Passengers: Branded with your logo and tuned in the Colours and Fonts of your Corporate Identity. Send it to your travelling clients and all of their details are available to them: Itinerary, pick-up and drop-off times, flights, information of the destinations and much more.

Both systems can be used for Inbound & Outbound specialists