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Service should be there when you need it. This is our ground rule because we realise that when you have questions you require fast answers to continue your work.

  • Online manuals and instruction video’s
  • Online chat-service for fast replies
  • Issue-solving ticket-service, 24/7


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Migration and Implementation

Migrating from another platform can cause stress and can be a painstaking process. We take a lot of this stress and work away from your team because our database engineers can work wonders by importing a lot of your existing data into your new platform. We could even offer you a full turnkey package: a team maintaining your system in terms of rates, allocations and close-outs. The only thing you will be doing is running your business: sales, operations & financials!

Business Consulting

Market Research

Project Management

Training & Implementation

Refreshing courses

Introduction to new features


Online or on-premises training

online reservation platform

Advantages Cloud versus Server Based systems


  • Always available, from anywhere with an internet connection;
  • Maintenance free, no more backups to be made, no more updates to be installed: All is done by our technicians;
  • Cost effective.
Contracting & Implementation

Pink Elephant International builts long lasting business relationships. We value transparency and base our collaboration on partnerships.

We adhere to the underneath business rules:

Contract duration

Yearly contract with a tacit renewal.

Costing and Payment Scheme

Clear costing:

  • Setup cost based on number of users.
  • Monthly User Fees: Base on number of non-concurrent, unique users (each user has his/her own login credentials); minimum of 3 users.
  • More users - lower User Fee per user.
  • Discount on first year User Fees.

Payment Scheme:

  • 10 users or less: yearly payment in advance.
  • 11 users or more: 6 monthly payment in advance.
Trial period

Your contract includes a 3-month trial period: if you decide to discontinue using our platform within 3 months after contracting date, we will refund any unused User Fees.

Training and Service

Training is inclusive: typically a 3 to 4 days training course is advised, you may choose between:

  • Online training (excellent internet connection is compulsory).
  • On-premises (highly recommended): We will travel to you to conduct this training. Travel related expenses are chargeable.

Service: Help desk, Chat Function and Support App are inclusive: our response time is real fast and our support service is legendary. Online mini refresher-courses, update briefings and live assistance are included.

Data export

In case you discontinue your contract we can make your data available to you. Our database engineers will be able to export your data for you to be used anywhere else. The time involved is chargeable.

Offering online services

For both your business clients and consumers ensures continuation and growth

Cross Selling

Enables you to offer your products and services to more sales opportunities

Fast quotations

Quadrupling fantastic looking offers increases productivity and efficiency

Accurate management

The right information, both financial and operational is your lifeline for accurate decisions

From our CEO


“The Travel business is undergoing profound changes with the big players ruling the quality of travel and the quantity of margin. Travel design has been taken out of the hands of the real travel specialists, consequently travellers aren’t getting what they deserve. Pink Elephant International breaks this deadlock, changes the rules in favour of the true travel specialist and returns quality and affordability to the traveller. By joining our platform you’ll get back to where you were, in control! With our technology and strategy you will make your business grow.”


GDPR and general data security is taken very seriously by us and all of our partners. Our applications run with the highest levels of encryption and firewalls.

Security backups are executed automatically in the background.